My Favorite Food!

In this beginning post, I have to say sorry to BEC for my missed in the previous challenge. In this post, I’ll tell you about my Favorite Indonesian Food. I wrote it for EF Weekly Challenge. If you want to share your own, therefore you could follow BEC’s blog.

According to me, most of people find favorite cuisine from their parents. When you were child, your parents provide you much kinds of food. Then, your favorite food is the one that you want so often. The most delicious!

My favorite is Cumi Masak Hitam.


This image was taken from here.

I love squid so much. My Mom or Dad (he expert in cooking too, just like Mom) could cook squid in many recipes. But, for me, the best one is Cumi Masak Hitam. This food has black gravy come from inkfish (squid’s ink). Some people dislike it because of the color whereas this is delicious to me. I often ask Mom to add more chilly in this cuisine to make it perfect.

The best part of this cuisine placed inside squid’s abdomen. If you were lucky, there will be yummy egg inside (oh, hell, I want it now).

I think, my enjoyment of this cuisine is instilled by its availability in my place. I live in Pantura. You can reach beach and buy fish 10 minutes from my home using motorcycle. Everything that fisherman get from sea sell there: fish, squids, crabs, and oyster. Fish always available everyday. Squids, crabs, or oyster come in certain days. So, when there was no those squids and friends, you can buy fish.

Squids are expensive here, in Solo. So, when I come back home to Jepara, I always ask Dad to buy squids. It’s interesting to go together with him at early morning by riding motorcycle.

If sometimes I miss this squid, I will miss home, Mom, and Dad.

Ha-ha, bad quote! 🙂

Do you like squids too?


42 respons untuk ‘My Favorite Food!

  1. Ajeng Sari Rahayu berkata:

    I like it too, almost all of my family member like cumi masak hitam (maksudnya dioseng bukan sih)

    because right now I only live with my parents-I can’t cook this cuisine, my parents have cholesterol and avoiding any kinds of seafood.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  2. riemikan berkata:

    I watched a food travel documentary yesterday and do you know that in Vietnam they don’t eat squid’s ink? I find it bizzare because people there eat anything that’s moving and alive down to fried tarantulas, snakes, rats and other animals that I can’t even bring myself to imagine eating it.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  3. arlisajati berkata:

    mmm, kayaknya enak ini, tapi amisnya pas bersihin itu kok g bisa ngebayangin yah, mana nggak tau juga harga cumi disini brapa…tanya suami dulu lah, sapa tau mau bantuin bersihin, biar saya yang tinggal masak, hahahahahaha 😀

    btw, salam kenal ya 🙂

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  4. Nadia Khaerunnisa berkata:

    Yes! This one is super delicious!! But I haven’t succeeded to make one, my mom makes it well, too. Pernah coba bikin tapi si tintanya gak pecah, entah jenis cuminya beda apa gimana. Aneh.. Akunya aja sih yg gak bisa hahaha

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  5. Gara berkata:

    I love squids, too! Especially the crispy, fried one. Tempura would be even better. I had already had these dishes yesterday and today–and I can’t say that I’m bored :haha.
    The black-dished squids are delicious, too–especially the spicy one!
    And I’m waiting for having another one today, as well. :)).

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  6. inci73 berkata:

    Umami, I love this cumi masak hitam too, it’s look weird but the taste is soo yummy, hmmm … Jadi pengen masak ini. Umami, kamu orang mana sih, kirain ini hanya ada di kampungku di Bugis sana, hehehe …

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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