A Song That I Listen Too Much This Week

I wrote this post for #28 EF Weekly Challenge about ‘Song That …’. So, I’ll tell you a song that I listen too much this week. I watched the MV first time in YouTube 2 years ago. My impression that time just good. But, now I thought that this song is beautiful and hurts.


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EF #26: Visiting Dentist

I visit dentist not because of toothache, while people are going to see dentist because of their toothaches. It doesn’t mean I’m free from this kind of problem. Last time I have toothache when I am in Junior High School. But last time I see dentist in 2013.

My concern when I have to see dentist is adjusting my teeth. In my family, my teeth formation is the worst. I have three or (four) fangs. So, you will see vampire when you caught me smiling or laughing. I used to be ashamed and always try to reduce my cute smile, but now I could see my special ability on this fault. And sometimes I think, this is not fault, but gift. Baca lebih lanjut

EF #22: We Still Plan It!

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I planned to go to Banjarnegara (one of my friends hometown). Actually, we talked about it and planned  when we were on trip to Jatimalang beach, Purworejo. Almost of us tend to talk about ‘the next tour’ when we are at the end of the journey, right? Then we choose Banjarnegara as our next tour for next month (June) before Ramadhan.

When June came to us, we realized that our trip will be canceled because our classmate held a reception for her wedding party on 6 June. Then we stopped to think about that trip for awhile.

Yesterday I mentioned our failed trip to discuss, then we got the best time so far. We will go there after Eid (July or August).

According to my friend, these are our list to do when we succeed to reach Banjarnegara:

1. Eat: I forget what my friend said about kind of foods in Banjarnegara. I just hear he talk about all of delicious food I have to taste. The only one that I remember was Dawet Ayu. This is the kind of original beverages from Banjarnegara. I’m sure you have tasted it. You can find it not only in Banjarnegara but also in your city, right? Because Dawet Ayu is famous in our life, haha.

2. Visit Place: I imagine to get myself at Sikunir and Telaga Warna. Although my friend offered us so many places to visit, my wish just point to that two places. It just because last year, when I was in bed for recovery, my friends shared photos in Telaga Warna on their facebooks whereas I only could watched it and didn’t get invitation from them. Poor am I.

View from Sikunir - Picture was taken from Om Cumi.

View from Sikunir – Picture was taken from Om Cumi.

I hope this time our plan work better. I don’t want to be a planning-person because I’m not good on wasting-time-for-daydream.

This is for Weekly EF Challenge: Failed Holiday You Wish To Do It. Make your own!

Swimming As My Recovery (#13 EF Weekly Challenge)

kolam BS

Swimming Pool at Bengawan Sport – this image was taken from here. Sorry I don’t have mine.

Hello, Club!
Hello, BEC! I am so so so sorry for missing your 2 latest challenges (again). Thanks God you won’t reply my apologize (I do believe it). Cause if you would, I bet you will be mad on me. (I see your angry face now) *PEACE* Haha 😀 . I love you, BEC. I will always love you, 🙂 . Baca lebih lanjut

My Favorite Food!

In this beginning post, I have to say sorry to BEC for my missed in the previous challenge. In this post, I’ll tell you about my Favorite Indonesian Food. I wrote it for EF Weekly Challenge. If you want to share your own, therefore you could follow BEC’s blog.

According to me, most of people find favorite cuisine from their parents. When you were child, your parents provide you much kinds of food. Then, your favorite food is the one that you want so often. The most delicious! Baca lebih lanjut

BEC is Something Like…

Blog English Clube

Blog English Club

I’ve got this post revised. Then, you read the good post. Haha. Mbak Mikan helped me a lot. Here it is.

Just like a spirit the God is giving back to a dead body, BEC (Blog English Club) is like that for me (such as a second spirit for my english). In junior high school, I joined AMEC (American English Course) and graduated after taking part in beginner, and intermediate classes. That was in 2006 until 2007. I save the Baca lebih lanjut

EF #4 Grab A Bamboo-Copter from Doraemon’s Pocket


“Doraemon” – image taken from watchdubbed.net

English Friday Challenge for this week tease me. This challenge being my first in EF. The theme given to us was Doraemon’s tool.

Thus far, I am Doraemon’s TV serials’ fans. Who doesn’t know this robotic cat? This popular anime, written by Fujiko F. Fujio, tells us about blue robot sent from the 22nd century to help Nobita’s life. Baca lebih lanjut