EF #26: Visiting Dentist

I visit dentist not because of toothache, while people are going to see dentist because of their toothaches. It doesn’t mean I’m free from this kind of problem. Last time I have toothache when I am in Junior High School. But last time I see dentist in 2013.

My concern when I have to see dentist is adjusting my teeth. In my family, my teeth formation is the worst. I have three or (four) fangs. So, you will see vampire when you caught me smiling or laughing. I used to be ashamed and always try to reduce my cute smile, but now I could see my special ability on this fault. And sometimes I think, this is not fault, but gift.

The first time I pulled out my incisor teeth purposely is the first time I see dentist. At first, my own plan was to pulled out one of my fangs, but the dentist said that those fangs are good teeth. She persuaded me to pulled out my top incisor and told me the other teeth will adjust themself to be better formation. That was me in elementary school uniform.

Of course the dentist were right. After one or two years, I had new ordered teeth. But I was not satisfied. I thought, we could do better that this because some of my teeth were still cluttered. So, I want to see dentist again but my parents didn’t let me. They suggested me to wait until I got in Junior High School.

In Junior High School, I pulled out my bottom incisor teeth with other dentist. That treatment made my tooth order became better until now. Of course it is not good as commonly people. I still desire to remove one of my annoy tooth. Oh!

Someday, I consider not to pulled out my tooth again because nowadays I see so many people using brace teeth to adjust teeth order. But, I have no big reason to use that tools. I am still comfortable with this condition. Then, what I have to do are just live with these teeth, take care of these, and wait until I could not handle this anymore.

afraid of syringe? (source: google)

afraid of syringe? (source: google)

If you ask me, Am I afraid of a syringe? No, I am not. I don’t know why. I believe there are many people like me. I know I am not the only one (like Sam Smith song). When dentist began to stab my gums using anesthesia inside her syringe, I was fine. Then, when dentist start to sway my tooth using her strange tools, I was afraid. It was because of bothered sounds from my cracked tooth was accumulated right in my head. Boisterous!

Last time I see dentist (in 2013), I asked her to clean my teeth from plaque and patch my right molar. Next time, I plan to see dentist again, but I don’t know what I want to ask. Some viral information told me to visit dentist once every 3 months.

So, what is my personal plan for my teeth before see dentist? I use other way to clean my tooth beside brush them using toothbrush. It is an apple. Spotlite (on trans 7) told audience that apple can clean our teeth. But, the other problem suddenly came out from my mind, I almost forget that I don’t eat some of the fruits include apples. πŸ™‚

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18 respons untuk β€˜EF #26: Visiting Dentist’

  1. kayka berkata:

    wah jd inget klo dah lama gak ke dokter gigi.

    gigi taring tuh bikin manis lagi πŸ™‚

    kalo saya lain lagi punya empat gigi bungsu yang tumbuhnya nyangsang kemana-mana. dulu sih abis dicabut seneng ya, tapi sekarang nyesel deh gigi saya jd jarang. gak enaknya klo makan daging jd suka nyangkut.


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