EF #22: We Still Plan It!

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I planned to go to Banjarnegara (one of my friends hometown). Actually, we talked about it and planned  when we were on trip to Jatimalang beach, Purworejo. Almost of us tend to talk about ‘the next tour’ when we are at the end of the journey, right? Then we choose Banjarnegara as our next tour for next month (June) before Ramadhan.

When June came to us, we realized that our trip will be canceled because our classmate held a reception for her wedding party on 6 June. Then we stopped to think about that trip for awhile.

Yesterday I mentioned our failed trip to discuss, then we got the best time so far. We will go there after Eid (July or August).

According to my friend, these are our list to do when we succeed to reach Banjarnegara:

1. Eat: I forget what my friend said about kind of foods in Banjarnegara. I just hear he talk about all of delicious food I have to taste. The only one that I remember was Dawet Ayu. This is the kind of original beverages from Banjarnegara. I’m sure you have tasted it. You can find it not only in Banjarnegara but also in your city, right? Because Dawet Ayu is famous in our life, haha.

2. Visit Place: I imagine to get myself at Sikunir and Telaga Warna. Although my friend offered us so many places to visit, my wish just point to that two places. It just because last year, when I was in bed for recovery, my friends shared photos in Telaga Warna on their facebooks whereas I only could watched it and didn’t get invitation from them. Poor am I.

View from Sikunir - Picture was taken from Om Cumi.

View from Sikunir – Picture was taken from Om Cumi.

I hope this time our plan work better. I don’t want to be a planning-person because I’m not good on wasting-time-for-daydream.

This is for Weekly EF Challenge: Failed Holiday You Wish To Do It. Make your own!

33 respons untuk ‘EF #22: We Still Plan It!

  1. Gara berkata:

    Ah, do you also plan to visit Dieng? I mean, from many blog posts out there, Sikunir and Dieng isn’t too far to be reached on one trip :hehe.
    I also want to visit Dieng! I want to witness Dieng Culture Festival, but not this year since my schedule has been full *sok sibuk banget ceritanya* :haha. Well, I hope there will be no sudden cancellation on your plan, and I wish the journey went well! Of course I’ll be waiting for the stories :haha.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  2. ichasyahfa berkata:

    You can also find Dawet Ayu in Medan haha.
    I’ve heard a lot about Telaga Warna as well, and want to go there someday.
    Hope everything for your plan goes well, and don’t forget to write the review after visiting those places. 😊

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  3. arbiyanti berkata:

    Hi Rizza…so, you’re planning to go to Dieng Plateau? I always love the car-ride going to the Plateau. The cool and fresh air invites you to really take some time once you’re in the Gardu Pandang Dieng. Make sure an early departure to Dieng… and have fun taking pictures there 🙂

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  4. Emaknya Benjamin br. Silaen berkata:

    Uma semoga berikutnya kesampean ya ke Banjarnegara, katanya sih klo belum terwujud supaya pas berangkat planning nya sudah mantap sekali. Jadi anggap saja tertunda untuk mematangkan rencana perjalanan kesana 😉 . Telaga Warna saya baru sekedar dengar katanya tempatnya bagus sekali 😀 .

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  5. Khairul berkata:

    Hi Umami, salam kenal. Nice story. I would love to visit Banjarnegara one day because I see the mountain view is breathtaking. But where is it? Central and East Java? Also, Dawet Ayu is new to me, I mean, never taste it because we dont actually have it here hehe..


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