Swimming As My Recovery (#13 EF Weekly Challenge)

kolam BS

Swimming Pool at Bengawan Sport – this image was taken from here. Sorry I don’t have mine.

Hello, Club!
Hello, BEC! I am so so so sorry for missing your 2 latest challenges (again). Thanks God you won’t reply my apologize (I do believe it). Cause if you would, I bet you will be mad on me. (I see your angry face now) *PEACE* Haha 😀 . I love you, BEC. I will always love you, 🙂 .

This time, I will share my sport activity related to this question: Which sport do you choose? (from EF-13 Weekly Challenge).

I choose this sport as my routine every Wednesday Morning. We, me and my friends, need to go to the public swimming pool to do this sport. Everyone call it Swimming. Beside other kind of sports I love, swimming is my favorite.

I usually do swimming at 8 AM (or more) for 1 or 1 and a half hours. The closest public swimming pool here is in Bengawan Sport (I’ve ever mentioned it in my other post). Bengawan Sport is a sport station that serves customers to do some kind of sports, such as futsal, badminton, fitness, bowling, calisthenic, pub & karaoke, and of course swimming! To get in swimming pool area, it costs you Rp10.000 per person for normal day (Monday until Friday) or Rp13.000 on weekend. This place opened from 7 AM to 6 PM. After that, sometimes it is used by athletes for exercise until night.

There is some reasons why do I like swimming than others. According to me, swimming is the easiest sport to do. You just need swimming pool. Don’t worry if you haven’t master swimming yet. Swimming is easy, and always be. Ask your friend or your coach to teach swimming. Start from shallow area to make yourself wonted. Then, someday you could do it easily.

Beside that reason, I do swimming in order to recovery my thigh. (Oh, God. I have to tell you about this. I am sorry) I have an accident in August 2013. My left thigh bone got fracture, just like this picture.


It almost 2 years I carry those platinum metals inside my thigh. Actually, my doctor said that I must get surgery last January. Unfortunately, at that time, I was still in my business (read: college). According to the doctor, I will need at least 2 free months to take rest after taking off those things from my body. And it gonna be after my graduation. *Sigh*.

Currently, my prime effort to recover my leg better is doing wispy-leg-sport, like swimming. My doctor also suggest me to do running (small running). There is no badminton, futsal, or boxing (LOL) on my list, because the doctor didn’t recommend me to do that things. Poor am I.

Then, guys, tell me which sport do you choose and give reasons.

Let’s do sport! Stay healthy, make it habit!

45 respons untuk ‘Swimming As My Recovery (#13 EF Weekly Challenge)’

  1. Gara berkata:

    Owh, so sorry to hear about the accident. I wish you will be recovered soon.
    About the sport… okay, I’m not a fan of sports, so this writing left me in an awe, as I can’t do swimming at all yet everyone said that it is very easy :haha. For me, swimming is very hard… and when swim, I usually be stone-like :huhu.
    Teach me how to swim… :hehe.


  2. Nadia Khaerunnisa berkata:

    Innalillah, I’m so sorry, and hopefully you’ll recover as normally soon. I like swimming, too! and it’s also my favorite but I can’t do it regularly. Too bad. I love swimming because it doesn’t feel like sweating hihi


  3. monda berkata:

    I am sorry to hear that, hopefully you will regain your health..
    in fact swimming is really good, too bad I am not good in swimming, cuma bisa ngambang he..he…


  4. Andik Taufiq berkata:

    wow… kalo baca cerita-cerita fraktur kyk gini saya suka ngilu sendiri… tapi bener, untuk kondisi seperti ini memang yg paling pas adalah renang… buat menjaga postur dan pergerakan tubuh biar ga berubah karena sakit/patah yg diderita… apalagi yg kena tulang, treatment nya harus pas… kalo ga, pergerakan tubuh kita ga bs normal seperti sedia kala… smg gpp om, dirutinkan aja renangnya… **saya jadi pengen renang lagi

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  5. dani berkata:

    Aaaw. it hurts to see the picture. Hopefully you will have a perfect recovery by swimming. I had somekind of bone fracture and my doctor also advised me to swim..

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  6. Lia berkata:

    Sorry about your accident. I hope it will get better and better 🙂
    I love swimming too. Because it will move all of your body in one sport, that is swimming. Too bad I don’t have a really good swimming pool around my house.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  7. nianastiti berkata:

    Hi Umami, this is my first time stopping by to your blog. Hope your bone get recover soon. My brother also swimming for his bone recovery. It’s a good therapy. I was ever being a civil engineering student at UNS but only for two months, hehe XD


  8. Ajeng Sari Rahayu berkata:

    I like swimming but I can’t swim. Ilike bicycling but I don’t have bicycle. So, to keep my body stay health, I do some works at home helping my mother. In my opinion, it’s like sport to me 🙂


  9. Sugih berkata:

    I’m sorry for being late to know that you got an accident. Hope you’ll get better soon and can do your activities as usual. A friend of mine had the same condition too in her calf. She fell from the stage when she turned down from the ladder. spraining her haste to meet the students who were summoned. calf bone fracture and should be fitted with a pen for a year. But now her leg was totally fine.

    Have you gone to Cimandeh? There’s a good place to recover your leg.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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