Letter to My Younger Self

Solo, 20th May 2015

Hi, buddy. How are you doing now?

It feels hot here, in Solo. I live in a cheap dorm with my friends since 2013. They are sleeping now. Someday they would be your friends.

I put this letter beside your bed. I wish you would read this in the morning. Because tomorrow is your 12th birthday, may I sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you?

Ha-ha-ha, no. I think you don’t need a song from your future. I believe, everyone around you will do sing for you because they know that you are a good boy.

Congratulations for your graduate from Elementary School! You’ve done your great work! Please do better in Junior High School. But if you feel incapable to reach that, it doesn’t matter. You are just good. Anyway, I won’t tell your final accomplishing in each grade. So, just study hard.

Let’s talk about yourself. Forget that school-things for a while.

I found you have been fighting with your brother several weeks ago. I know you will say that was normal to do in your age with your brother. But, trust me, that was bad. It was too bad. Our mom were never like to your behavior like that. Yeah, although mom didn’t show her angry, it didn’t mean she let you to do fight as you like.

I wish you love your brother. Share your ice cream or your toys .

No, buddy, he doesn’t want your life as you always think. He was your little brother. And he just want to get your caring. I like when you and him went out together for playing with other kids. And I bet that mom loved it too.

Look, I will give you some advice. Do you know? You will get new friends, a lot of friends in your new school. As you know, you was pretty easily influenced by others. My suggestion is to make a bold principle. Pay attention who are good friends, who are not. Then you can decide when you should do something with them or you should not.

(Sigh!) Boy, we both know that we have bad teeth formation. I supposed you to brush those teeth regularly, twice a day, in the morning and before going to sleep. Don’t be lazy. You need to prevent the presence of tartar in your teeth. In my present year, now, using braces are being trend. That is why you have to get your teeth clean, so you should not feel ashamed when doctor check that teeth to consider setting the braces or not. In your 11-year-old now, you will not be ever supposing that someday you might need braces to rearrange your teeth formation. So, keep that advice, OK?

In Junior High School, you will begin to write your own fiction story in a book. Actually, that book will be a small journal with black cover. You will write a lot of stories there. But it is not a diary. You don’t like diary or something like that. You love the fiction one. My request about this book just one. Keep and save it well. For me, that book was great. But, I was losing it. I have been looking for that for a long time but I didn’t find it. Yeah, this is a silly thing, you think. Still, I hope you know that I just want to re-read that book again and again. I was sad when I could not remember even forget one random story in that book. So, please, save it for me.

Hmm. Maybe, that’s all I can told. Sorry if this letter only showed my requests to repair the future, not to help you face your problems. It was because I believe that you could deal with those by yourself. I just want you to be a good child, a good brother, a good friend, and a good student.

Oh, I almost forget. Boy, you don’t even know what your little brother will gift to you tomorrow. Sometimes, he has a sweet thing for you. It is not mom’s order. No. Mom just gave him support. Then, he realized his own idea. So, think twice before you hurt him or leave him without your caring.

Happy 12th Birthday, buddy! Wish you all the best.

PS: Don’t tell mom about this letter. I trust in you. By the way, tomorrow, you will find a box under your bed. That was from me. Goodbye!

Best regards,

Your 21st-year-old Self


This submission was written to fulfill EF#8 Weekly Challenge

23 respons untuk ‘Letter to My Younger Self

  1. Gara berkata:

    I used to write fiction in a journal when I was junior high school’s student, too :haha. That was my first fiction, I think, but it was unfinished, too :hihi.
    Again, I feel somewhat moved reading the letters, including this one. Or maybe it is because of the song I’m listening to :haha :denial.
    Good letter!


  2. dani berkata:

    Happy birthday to you Umami! if it was younger you birthday meaning its yours birthday! Wish you great years down the road. love to see your caring letter. Great one! Makes me miss my sister, my younger sister. Thank you for joining the challenge 🙂


  3. Sugih berkata:

    I feel kind like De Javu. I thought I have read this post somewhere. If I don’t mistake I read it in Bli Gara’s blog. Or maybe I have mistaken.

    This story is very inspirational and so touchy. I could get the moral value that it delivered to us. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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