Book Review: Young Waves’ Tales by Adele Parks

young wives tales

Young Waves’ Tales by Adele Parks – personal image

This is a thick book I read by long time. Started on early January 2015, finished before 18th February 2015. It was not because of bad story, much pages, or tired book. No. If you read this book, it will be like a book diary.

The stories in this book told by Rose, Lucy, John, and Craig. Actually, Craig didn’t get much pages. He has only given one chapter from 50 chapters in the end of the book.

Title: Young Wives’ Tales
Author: Adele Parks
Pages: 592 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Adult)
Publisher: Elex Media Computindo, 21st May 2014
Price: IDR 94.800
Rating Goodreads: 3.73/5 (average from 1,447 ratings)
Rating from me: 4/5

Rose was a devoted wife. She has Peter before Lucy, her friend, stole him from her. She was left with two twin sons, 9th years old (I think). While, Lucy was a perfect mistress. After married to Peter, she have Auriol. In this story, Auriol was 6th years old. Thus, this were 6 years Rose have been being a single mother.

Rose didn’t mad to Peter or Lucy. She kept her normal life on. She try not to bother Peter’s new family. She perform as a good mum. She never break the rules for her sons, such as time together with their dad, Peter. Rose loved children and good in every housework. She make her own meal, instead of buy from store like Lucy always did.

But Lucy was a pretty wife like a princess. She was a hard worker. She was always busy for her jobs, similarly with Peter. She has no time for Auriol. Then there was Eva, household servant. Although, Lucy loved her daughter so much. Probably Lucy believe that Auriol got her pretty character, including taste of fashion.

Then, there were Rose’s friends (Lucy’s too), Connie and her husband, Daisy (Rose’s sister) and her husband. They supposed Rose to get partner for a date because Rose’s life was devoid of passion and romance. When Rose heard her friends advice, she was mad. She was not a desolation woman. She told that she was fine. She didn’t need man for escapee.

John was Craig’s best friend, whereas Craig was a plain guy. John was known as a playboy, but he was good for Craig. He helped Craig until Craig got his one-and-only worship woman.

This is good stories. I was never getting bored. Because of late climax, I read this book slowly. Every chapters much with inner conflicts. The book urges us to find solutions for Rose’s, Lucy’s, and John’s problems.

When you read this book, you’ll admire the way Adele Parks made her characters in this book. She divided her stories into three (four at last) point of views. She made difference between these three of characters. She is good in it. I love her intelligence. When she act as Rose, the story told by a nice mum. When Lucy told, she told us like she was a good mistress, with unsteady emotions, and bad scenes. When John took part in the story, Adele wrote as a bad boy with impure mind.

Read this book, then you would find how English life, how is their cultures, and how is their way in interaction with each others. This is a good love and relationship book. I recommend you to read this before have a baby.

10 respons untuk ‘Book Review: Young Waves’ Tales by Adele Parks

  1. Gara berkata:

    So this book is like a slice of life from its characters, isn’t it?
    Hm, this is a good book, I think. But the price is quite high, nearly Rp100k… :huhu.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    • rizzaumami berkata:

      Well, this is complicated. John was Craig’s best friend. He had his own problem, about women. Had divorced from Andrea (little story about this woman). The focus was about deceptive between John and Connie. Connie was friend of Rose and Lucy. 😀 I guess, you are confused by that. But, according to me, maybe Adele made character of John in order that she didn’t want her readers stuck by ‘woman diary’. She needed variation, so she made John for ‘man character’. I’m impressed with your interest of this book, Nad 🙂


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