My Alter Ego: OCD Sufferer

This is weekly BEC’s 6th Challenge. It’s about ‘my alter ego’. From wikipedia, I knew that Alter Ego is our second-self. Some people reckon it as an anomaly of human. But for me, it is not. I believe that everyone have their own Alter Ego.

To make it easier, let’s talk about celebrities’ alter ego. There is Katy Perry with her alter ego named Kathy Beth Terry in ‘Last Friday Night’s MV’. Kathy Beth Terry is a fictional character of Katy Perry. She is described as bookworm with braces came out from her mouth. And Katy Perry, by her self, mentioned that girl as her alter ego.

Katy Perry's Alter Ego in MV: Last Friday Night (image was taken from google)

Katy Perry’s Alter Ego in MV: Last Friday Night (image was taken from google)

You could see other examples of celebrities’ alter ego much from their strange photos or MV. Usually, they act as their alter ego in Music Video (MV) to express their other-self, not for doing crazy thing like almost people construe about it.

Then, how could we know our own alter ego? To me, the best way to find is think about our strange activity. Alter ego come out randomly when we don’t aware our self condition. But, when you have knew your own alter ego, you can think like, “Oh. What I am doing right now? This is not me. This is my other me!” Some people will stop their activity and fix it. But, other people just enjoy their self  since their alter ego help them so much than their real self in fact.

I meet my other self as a boy with OCD. Unfortunately, I can’t talk to him like serious alter ego sufferer do. Well, truly, I don’t want to be able to talk with.

People know OCD as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a psychological nuisance when someone do something uncontrolled and repeatedly. It is an anxiety disorder that affects about 1-2% of the population according to this site.

Why my alter ego is that pity person?

As what I’ve supposed to do to you, I think about my strange activities. But, these occur sometimes. First, I wash my hand again and again. I do it like OCD sufferer to clear dust. They usually do that 10 times per day. Second, neatness maniac. But, fortunately, he (my alter ego) doesn’t do this. Third, checking something repeatedly. I’ve ever turned my vehicle back to home after drive about 100 meters just to check my gate padlock. Fourth, always count numbers. When I go with public transportation, to dissolve some boredom, I read (I know it is different with counting) numbers of vehicles. I spell 7 (seven) as J, or 4 (four) as A, and so on. I’ve ever found ‘R 4949 AS’ of car. The owner of this car separated digit 4 from 949 become R 4 949AS. In Javanese language means ‘ra gagas’, ‘tidak peduli’ in Indonesian language, or ‘I don’t care’ in English. Last, my alter ego sometimes like to arrange things in one row, or pile up not only books but also some random things, like key onto bottle.

There are some celebs with OCD (link source is here). They are Billy Bob Thornton, David Beckham, Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Megan Fox, Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba, Charlie Sheen, Katy Perry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Charlize Theron, Fred Durst, Howie Mandel, Martin Scorsese, Fiona Apple, Julianne Moore, and Marc Summers.

David Beckham (image was taken from here)

David Beckham (image was taken from here)

I’m afraid of being OCD suffer. Then, when I newly found him, I tried to control him. I love him when he helps me to find a way for my problems. But I worry if he come to me rapidly like heavy rains. I would like to be mad looking.

So, tell me about your alter ego. Make sure you hide from him/her when talk to me about it. They will be angry.


22 respons untuk ‘My Alter Ego: OCD Sufferer

  1. Gara berkata:

    Maybe you want to try controlling him… re-checking is good, but overreactive to re-checking is just… too over :hehe
    I hope you two doing well and don’t get into a fight with each other :hehe

    Btw, I feel like that too, sometimes. For example, checking whether I’ve locked my room several times–I’ve done that, too :hehe


  2. arbiyanti berkata:

    ahaha…i got to know that my friends are infuriated because of my habit (folding plastic bags and tidying up my plates after eating in restaurant). they said i suffer from OCD which was actually okay for them. but things have gotten worse because i somehow can’t keep my hand still when i see my friend’s desk all nothing but clutter. i’d like to keep things neat, organized, all in detail. but hey.. that was years ago. i make peace with myself day after day, trying to let loose things and keeping my hands just to myself.


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