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I’ve got this post revised. Then, you read the good post. Haha. Mbak Mikan helped me a lot. Here it is.

Just like a spirit the God is giving back to a dead body, BEC (Blog English Club) is like that for me (such as a second spirit for my english). In junior high school, I joined AMEC (American English Course) and graduated after taking part in beginner, and intermediate classes. That was in 2006 until 2007. I save the AMEC’s certificate in my old document cupboard (I’m not sure). Then in senior high school, I enrolled as student in VOA – Learning English, on its facebook fanspage. This was not a primary course. Until now the class still carries some courses for its students. There are so many teachers there (But, I forget their names. Hell no!). I leaved this Class at 2010. Most of the students there from Asia: Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, etc., and of course Indonesia dominate the participants. I don’t have idea why.

I found BEC this year in the beginning of my 8th semester. When I joined BEC, I realized something. There is a part in me I called ‘foreign-language-soul’. It has been fake-dead since I decided to left VOA – Learning English. But, BEC brought it to life. Perhaps, it’s not to be excessive to say that BEC breaths a second life for my foreign-language-soul.

When something could make awaken a dead soul, a new life should be able to correct the previous faults. And this is my expectation of BEC.

Since participating in BEC, my e-dictionary is used frequently, so are my hands, and my brain. I trust that by making it into a habit, everyone would master english. Every time, I need to understand english articles, songs, and conversations (in each news or movies). I also need to understand international science journals and someday I need to write my own thesis.

According to me, it’s too different things to learn english by understanding the substance and to practice writing one or two sentences, in relation to understanding one’s full understanding of the article and write your own english article. And BEC has its style.

So, what is BEC to you? Or at least, how is your english?

29 respons untuk ‘BEC is Something Like…

  1. ranselijo berkata:

    Pernah ada yang bilang, “Kalau ngelakuin kebaikan, enakan rame-rame (berjamaah) biar istiqomah. Jadi ada yang saling ingetin” Mungkin BEC kayak gitu ya…biasanya belajar bahasa Inggris sendiri-sendiri sekarang barengan dengan orang-orang baru. 😀

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  2. Ami berkata:

    So, you joined AMEC in your junior high school? Me too! But I didn’t complete the course, so I don’t have AMEC certificate :D.

    “As though a spirit the God giving back into the dead body, BEC (Blog English Club) is like that for me (such as a second spirit for my english)…”
    I like your metaphor to describe BEC. That’s so creative :). And it’s applicable for me, too. BEC ignites my passion to learn English :).

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  3. riemikan berkata:

    Your willingness to learn is truly appreciated Umami. Learning is a process and through it, I have no doubt that you’ll continue to improve. I can sense a writing style already, only certain adjustments required here and there and voilaaaa you’ll be blogging away in English! When writing, please incorporate proofreading as a habit so you can minimize mistakes. Also, don’t forget to convert your verb such is in “When I joinED BEC, I realizeD something. Frequenting the e-dictionary will leave you with a lot of brand new vocabs! Keep on writing!

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  4. Gara berkata:

    Maybe I haven’t realize this, but I think my English ability are getting better, one step at a time.
    Unfortunately I haven’t ever succeeded writing just even one post for the challenges (yet) :huhu
    Yeah, maybe next time. Maybe I haven’t pushed myself hard enough to write a post :hehe

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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