Book Review: I Found You in Natuna (Agusta K’s Novel)

image by me

image by me

I got this book free from the writer. Lucky me! This is one of reward from his giveaway contest.

Actually, this book sent to my home on October 2014. But, because of my college bussines in Solo, I need to wait until time for going back home come. And finally this February 2015 I come home, then found this book with 2 others (gift from Agusta too) were unsealed. I know, my siblings read all of them before me. Huh.

First, I am sorry Agusta, you should wait for this review. Hehee.

Title: I Found You in Natuna
Author: Agusta K
Rating: 3 from me. (now 3.77 on goodreads, average from 13 ratings)
Pages: 192
Publisher: Elex Media Komputindo. September 2014.
Price: IDR 37.000

This book tells us about teenage love, losing someone, and regret. The characters are Freya, Julian, and Alvin. Talk about them, for me, Alvin is the best character shown. Agusta did it well. He described Alvin precisely. Meanwhile, Freya looks not pretty as Agusta wrote. Freya is mushy and little stupid for me. Besides, I used to think that she was strong girl. Her reaction for something change easly. When she was angry, she looked so angry. But, she can be normal easily by others. It’s weird. She looks fool, while she was from Jakarta (I use to think that Jakarta’s girl is not like that). Then, talk about Julian. I found him in the blurb of this book as Julian Pranata. He just like a supernumerary instead of a main character. That’s why I do not agree Julian was positioned seems like he was the ‘man’. In every story, the main character always win, right? And in this book, he did! While, his life is flat, no bad matter.

Since the stories in this book too floaty for me, this book actually for teenage, not me (tuwenti wan yers old :). If you let me being an arrogant, I swear I can guess the plot several times. Furthermore, I am sorry for Agusta used ‘with’ that is actually use preposition for certain sentences. In page 89, at 5th par., there is unfinished sentence. And in page 163, at the last sentence, I think  it’s weird.

I found some sweet things that came out from Alvin and Lia, not Freya (as the main girl or main character). Then, I should make a conclusion that the main character in this book is Alvin. He is the ‘man’.

Last, I hope Agusta write more about his characters feel. Like in Orizuka’s teenlit book. That book is good in this case: details with characters’ thoughts and less for characters’ activities.

That’s all I can say. Thanks a bunch, Agusta for the gifts! Can’t wait for your new books!

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