EF #4 Grab A Bamboo-Copter from Doraemon’s Pocket


“Doraemon” – image taken from watchdubbed.net

English Friday Challenge for this week tease me. This challenge being my first in EF. The theme given to us was Doraemon’s tool.

Thus far, I am Doraemon’s TV serials’ fans. Who doesn’t know this robotic cat? This popular anime, written by Fujiko F. Fujio, tells us about blue robot sent from the 22nd century to help Nobita’s life. Doraemon has a pocket patches on his stomatch. There are so many kind of fancy tool inside it. And Nobita always asks Doraemon for help using that tools.

In case of I was give a chance to take one tool from Doraemon’s pocket without Nobita knowing, I will take bamboo-copter. Sounds like little mainstream idea because that bamboo-copter is quite popular, seems like I don’t have other choice from Doraemon’s collections.


Bamboo-Copter – image taken from http://www.minecraftforum.net

Of course I have a reason relates to my dominant necessary now. Between all of my desires (each people have theirs. And they could be a lot and diverse, like Doraemon’s TV serial’s soundtrack: Aku ingin begini, aku ingin begitu, ingin ini, ingin itu banyak sekali — I hope you read that without singing), I let my ‘adventuring spirit’ to dream by itself. Maybe, you just think to make a question for me, if I just want to go for traveling why don’t I take Anywhere Door?

I am not a person who want arrive in some places immediately. Then, I use bamboo-copter to enjoy my tour  until I got there.

First, wear bamboo-copter on head. First day is exercise. Rise above, move side, rise sloping, go down, and stop. Second day, exercise like the first. But, I am going to put a big bag on my back. We talk about traveling, right? Therefore I have to learn how to bring big load. If EF’s admins give me chance to take a tool from Doraemon’s pocket again, I’ll take shrinker torch, so I wouldn’t need big bag. Thrid day, arrange plans and define the destination.

Anyone wanna join my tour? Anyway, Doraemon have many bamboo-copters in his pocket. Come on, before they run out!

19 respons untuk ‘EF #4 Grab A Bamboo-Copter from Doraemon’s Pocket

  1. Ryan berkata:

    Rizza, so sorry for late visiting your post.
    And turns out I also haven’t followed your blog. So sorry.

    Bamboo copter, my comment was like I wrote on Sandrine’s post. Get a license and register you routes so no accident will happen if you do.

    Bolehkah saya coba kasih masukan dikit. Ada tulisanmu yang menggunakan want tanpa to. Seingat saya want diikuti dengan to. Coba cek lagi.
    Sama yg ini In case of I was give a chance to – seharusnya menurut saya In case I was given a chance to….

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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