Book Review: Cinta. by Bernard Batubara

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I gave 3 from 5 stars.

I am not one of Bernard’s book fans. I am just admired by beautiful sentences he wrote. It is about how Bernard arrange words become lovely sentences. Bara always use that capability, according to his books I have read.

Talk about this book, in fact, this is just a short story. About a girl anxious with her heart. She is trapped in her past perception. And it always hurt her every time.

Title: Cinta. (baca: cinta dengan titik)
Author: Bernard Batubara
Rating: 3 from me. (now 3.52 on goodreads, average from 509 ratings)
Pages: 324
Publisher: Bukune. September 2013
Price: IDR 50.000

Shortly, this is a story based on the point of view by deceptive character. Bernard wanna head you to this condition: how a dishonesty could be accepted and have a beautiful tale. Or, how a truly love could be found from dishonesty. That’s all I can catch from the book.

Bara’s capability in write his beautiful sentences, for me, instead spend much pages that I think he could slip it with another nice occasion. This book is fulled by cafe, ice cream, and bedroom. Just that. Makes me so bored. Maybe, Bara just want to make his book thick. I think, there is a moment Bara trapped in his own plot and he didn’t want to get woozy with it.


I am still waiting another Bara’s book in different book’s genre. Romantic, prettiness of sentences, and something sweet, I bet in Bara. But, I am just a reader who want something special. I can be tired of Bara’s books if all of them could be summarized becoming a very short story.

Anyway, I respect him for his work since he was 17 years old. That is too sweet for me. I imagine to reach that, but I awake about something related with my age now. 🙂

Hi, you, there. Have you write your own book and have a plan to publish it this year?


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