Book Review: Till It’s Gone by Kezia Evi Wiadji

originally from me

originally from me

This book is written in Bahasa, but I will write my review in English.

Actually, I got this book free from the writer, Mbak Evi, for her Giveaway event. Thank you mbak Evi, for the gift. And I got the signature from her in the first page.

I finished read this book at February 2014. I just needed 3 days to ‘eat’ this book, although actually this book is not thick enough and maybe I can finish read by one day (oh I am so snooty). Because of my college, I read it just if I have free time.

My rating: 4
In goodreads: 3.67 (now)
Title: Till It’s Gone
Writer: Kezia Evi Wiadji
Pages: 170
Publisher: Media Pressindo (May 2013)
Price: IDR 25.000, but I got it free!

This book tell us about problem in household. About love, violence, and affection. There is Alisa and Adam. Alisa must struggling to get back her ‘real’ Adam. She have to make realize her husband and bring him to the nice relationship as a good lifetime partner.

As fair as possible, I like the writer’s style on writing this book; short, not wordy, to the point.Β There is no complicated sentence that usually make my forehead to be wrinkled.

After read this book, I still wanna ask, why every chapter in this book too short? Of course, there is no rule that set us to write a chapter in some pages definitely. Maybe, Evi doesn’t want her readers spend much time when read her story in every chapter. So, she hope her readers curious with the next chapter, and keeping their read.

There is a problem with sentences-slice, between using comma or dot. Some sentences I found, properly separated by comma. It feels bad when using dot. (I correct this as a reader, not writer)

I like characters in this book. But, setting that described by Evi still ‘quiet’. It doesn’t like in Jakarta, actually. And there is some incidents that I think, it is cliche. I love character of Alisa’s neighbor who like to gossip others. That’s good and having various colors in the story.

Keep working, Evi! Can’t wait to read your next!

To my blog readers, please correct my English. πŸ™‚

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